What is Fluid Motion Factor?

Golfers live in a world of continual experimentation. During nearly every round they are trying new things to improve their game. They have sentenced themselves to an eternal search for an elusive goal.

Search no more.

There is one process in the mind that, when accessed, allows golfers to not only access their best swings, but to make any self-corrections in their swing. This is the ‘holy grail’, the goal that every golfer is looking for. This process is called the Fluid Motion Factor. The only problem is that golfers never know when they will access this one simple neurophysiological process, and when it leaves, how to get it back.

Learn to play more consistent, better, and enjoyable golf by taking your mind out of the equation. Backed by science and neurology, the Fluid Motion Factor is the revolutionary breakthrough golfers around the world have been waiting for.  Steven Yellin has developed this system over 45 years to help quiet the mind and improve the games of both low and high handicappers in golf, as well as a dozen other sports.

The hundreds of comments calling this program “A real game changer”, “I attribute my success to Steven”, “This program flat-out works”, and “This is simply the best program out there” speaks volumes for how effective it is. And, as Scott McCarron stated, “People ask me all the time why I only won three times on the PGA Tour, and then 11 times on the Champion Tour. The answer is the Fluid Motion Factor”.

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Play better golf, without thinking about playing better golf

This program is divided into four sets of what’s called ‘Fluid Cues’. These are simple mental cues that free up the body. The revolutionary aspect of the program is that these cues are not based on any aspect of sports psychology. They are based on what the mind has to experience in order to have good tempo, good positions, a solid strike, controlled wedges and everything else that has to happen during a swing in order to play consistent golf.

The program will teach you two things; how fluid motion is produced and a series of instructions that set up that subtle environment that produces fluid motion. These instructions are simple, easy to learn and produce instant results. The program will answer every question you could possibly have of exactly what you have to experience and do, in order to play your best. It changed Scott McCarrons’s and many other golfers’ careers, and it will change yours, too. It’s the best investment you can ever make for your game.


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