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Golfers live in a world of continual experimentation. Every week, and sometimes every day they are constantly trying new things to improve their game. Basically, they have sentenced themselves to an eternal search for an elusive goal.

Search no more. There is one process in the mind that when accessed, allows golfers to not only access their best swings, but to make any self-corrections in their swing. This is the 'holy grail', the goal that every golfer is looking for. This process is called the fluid motion factor. The only problem is golfers never know when they will access this one simple neurophysiological process, and when it leaves, where to look to get it back.


David Fanthorpe

Excellent read

Really enjoyed this book! In a complicated sport like Golf it’s easy to get bogged down and hit a wall when trying to improve!

Bryan Dougherty

True game changer!

As a golf coach, this is going to revolutionize the way I handle my players on the lesson tee.

Fred Gratzon

Steven is a sports genius

Chock full of great photos of lettering with a little info about the artist and projects shown.

Joe Bosco

Simplicity truly arms you to play your best!

Simplicity flat out, works! It is the mental training program you need to tap your potential.

Steve Lotz

Change your game. Change your life.

If you are serious about your evolution as a golfer and your consciousness as a resident of the planet, read this book.

M.R. Neer

Fluid Motion Factor

The author has done a great job explaining practical procedures for sustaining a consistent and effective golf swing. This is a breakthrough book.

Steven Yellin

Founder of the revolutionary Fluid Motion Factor program

Steven Yellin has worked with some of the top players in the world, including those that have won five Major championships and over $80 million dollars in prize money. He taught his program at the Leadbetter Academy in Orlando for five years. He has worked with the national team of Denmark and the Olympic team of France. In 2016, he worked with the NCAA championship team at the University of Washington. He has also worked with many of the top collegiate teams in the country. He has written two other books and produced DVDs not only in golf, but in bowling. In 2017, Rhino Page won the US Open championship in bowling using his program. His program has been taught in 12 sports, as fluid motion is produced identically in every sport.








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